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10 Summer Pick Me Up’s To Brighten The Quarantine Days

I wish I could have a do-over for the summer of 2020. I couldn’t have envisioned a summer without travel or work or enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant. Forgive the toddler-like wining but I really want these months stricken from my life and granted a do-over. But since that is not going to happen, the next best thing is to make myself and what I wear and enjoy, as cheerful, comfy and fun as possible. Continue reading

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Chanel Unveils Cruise Collection

Today New York is in phase-one of the quarantine lifting. But because many are still wary of letting down their guard, we all move forward to our reimagined reality with baby steps. In a very different universe, today’s news is that Chanel unveiled the 2020/21 cruise collection. In the past history of this alternative-world, cruise collections were grand happenings usually held at exotic destinations around the globe. A few lucky editors and influencers, as well as Chanel clients and of course celebrities, jetted to the 20-minute runway show. Chanel was planning the island of Capri as this year’s setting, but the lock-down put an end to the dreams of limoncello and Caprese salads by blue waters. Continue reading

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Karl Lagerfeld recognized early on that fashion and travel go hand in hand as evidenced in Chanel’s traveling show called the Metiers d’Art which presents a collection for pre-fall. In prior years this particular traveling circus happened across the globe from Dallas, Shanghai, Hamburg to Edinburgh. Continue reading

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Chanel’s Haute Couture Has Ideas For Brides

Twice a year the pinnacle of fashion specticles takes place in Paris called Haute Couture. The literal translation of this French phrase is “high sewing” which involves painstakingly detailed dressmaking techniques using opulent fabrics, innovative designs and hand finishes. Fashion … Continue reading

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Lagerfeld Does it Again for Chanel’s Latest Fashion Show

It’s not an overstatement to say that Karl Lagerfeld is a prolific designer, filmmaker and photographer, and December’s pre-fall fashion show (officially called Metiers d’ Art), held in the iconic Cinecitta studio in Rome, is proof that creativity improves with … Continue reading

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Chanel’s Booties

Although Chanel’s spring show at the Grand Palais in Paris was set  against a stage of underwater creatures, the shoes were anything but sea-worthy. The footwear added a contrary juxtaposition to the knee-length skirts, dresses and suits. It would be  easy to … Continue reading

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