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Zandra Rhodes Goes To Bed

In Zandra Rhodes world, bold color and prints are everything. The latest addition to her laundry list of accomplishments is in the world of beds. The vibrantly haired British fashion and textile designer partnered with the bespoke bed company, Savoir, … Continue reading

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Pirch —The Ultimate Top-Shelf Appliance Showroom

When my husband insisted on a Bluestar “cook’s” range that I’ve now named “the dragon” because of the many burns received while putting food in its mouth, I could not convince him otherwise. His point was that it would be … Continue reading

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Here Elsewhere Hermes

There is a reason Hermes, the French purveyor of beautiful things and the gold standard for luxury goods remains on top of the luxury heap. They are at the pinnacle  in terms of profits, desirability and awesome products because they … Continue reading

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