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Chanel’s Quiet Couture Presentaion

From anyone can view the breezy simplicity of Virginie Viard’s Couture. Soft and easy are words that come to mind for the spell she cast on the collection since Lagerfeld’s death. Continue reading

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Viktor & Rolf’s Ironic Couture Collection Is Just What We Need

It’s couture time in Paris and although the coronavirus has put a halt to in-person fashion shows, designers’ creative spirit continues to shine. Viktor and Rolf’s fashion film, titled “Change” is a sharp and ironic comment of this uncertain and stressful moment in time. It’s a fitting title for the precariousness of fashion’s future and the normalcy of life after this unimaginable pandemic. But the Dutch duo’s take on the current state of affairs is humorous and may put a smile on teeth-clenched faces—for at least the duration of the show. Continue reading

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Chanel’s Haute Couture Has Ideas For Brides

Twice a year the pinnacle of fashion specticles takes place in Paris called Haute Couture. The literal translation of this French phrase is “high sewing” which involves painstakingly detailed dressmaking techniques using opulent fabrics, innovative designs and hand finishes. Fashion … Continue reading

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