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Former fashion editor and writer with 20 years at widely recognized magazines. Currently I am self employed, styling, producing and writing for a variety of luxury and global brands achieving engaging solutions to content.

The Founder of Asian-Focused Beauty Brand Talks About Her Fight for Equality In The Marketplace

For Yu Chen Shih, the founder of Orcé Cosmetics, fitting into tradition beauty standards is not acceptable, neither is sitting quietly while the beauty world seems to pass you by. Continue reading

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Zandra Rhodes Goes To Bed

In Zandra Rhodes world, bold color and prints are everything. The latest addition to her laundry list of accomplishments is in the world of beds. The vibrantly haired British fashion and textile designer partnered with the bespoke bed company, Savoir, … Continue reading

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Chanel’s Quiet Couture Presentaion

From anyone can view the breezy simplicity of Virginie Viard’s Couture. Soft and easy are words that come to mind for the spell she cast on the collection since Lagerfeld’s death. Continue reading

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A Fresh Start 2021

It’s been months since my last post but I’ve been happily busy with other projects. I’m crossing my fingers for a fresh start for 2021 and even though it’s just a number on the calendar, it feels like a positive … Continue reading

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The importance of affiliate links and changes to fashion business in Ryan’s rants and raves PODCAST @ryansrantsandraves

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No Social Distancing at Louis Vuitton Men’s Show in Shanghai

The takeaway from Louis Vuitton’s men’s show, which happened in Shanghai on Aug 5, 2020, is that this pandemic may have an actual end. From my limited laptop vantage point, the audience seems unconcerned about any COVID contagion. The locally based audience sat in cramped rows without masks on a dock in Shanghai which was decked out with LV fantasy characters. Continue reading

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Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels Reveal The Most Creative Jewels

I love the jewelry industry because unlike it’s fickle sister, fashion, jewelry is not a commodity that loses its luster, gets tossed a box and sent to Real Real. Generally speaking, jewelry and watches from notable French houses like Cartier … Continue reading

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Viktor & Rolf’s Ironic Couture Collection Is Just What We Need

It’s couture time in Paris and although the coronavirus has put a halt to in-person fashion shows, designers’ creative spirit continues to shine. Viktor and Rolf’s fashion film, titled “Change” is a sharp and ironic comment of this uncertain and stressful moment in time. It’s a fitting title for the precariousness of fashion’s future and the normalcy of life after this unimaginable pandemic. But the Dutch duo’s take on the current state of affairs is humorous and may put a smile on teeth-clenched faces—for at least the duration of the show. Continue reading

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10 Summer Pick Me Up’s To Brighten The Quarantine Days

I wish I could have a do-over for the summer of 2020. I couldn’t have envisioned a summer without travel or work or enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant. Forgive the toddler-like wining but I really want these months stricken from my life and granted a do-over. But since that is not going to happen, the next best thing is to make myself and what I wear and enjoy, as cheerful, comfy and fun as possible. Continue reading

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Cartier Is Set To Launch The New Pasha Watch With An Inspiring Group Of Ambassadors

Leave it to Cartier to assemble a group of progressive influencers to get the watch-love message out to Millenials. This selective and international bunch of creatives, which they call the Pasha de Cartier Community, speaks to a new generation of … Continue reading

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