Zandra Rhodes Goes To Bed

In Zandra Rhodes world, bold color and prints are everything. The latest addition to her laundry list of accomplishments is in the world of beds. The vibrantly haired British fashion and textile designer partnered with the bespoke bed company, Savoir, which make fewer than 1000 beds per year, and infused her unique style into upholstered beds. Let’s face it, we are all spending more time in bed whether it’s for getting your zzz’s, eating, working, or snuggling activities—your desk is set up for work but your bed beckons you.

Ms. Rhodes, says she, like most of the world, has slowed her hectic life down substantially because of the pandemic and is appreciating more reflective time at home like most on planet earth. Although it’s generally thought that white beds and bed linens are the optimum setting for a tranquil sleep, in Zandra’s world, vivid colors and prints are as soothing as pristine white sheets. To that end, she designed a grouping of styles based on an original lily pattern from 1975. The beds range from zany vibrant akin to her personal style to soft and serine variety but both are distinctly Zandra Rhodes.

The collaboration with Savoir means that the beds are supremely hand made out of all organic materials—no synthetics in this dreamboat. Zandra Rhodes beds are available on Savoir’s website.

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