A Fresh Start 2021

It’s been months since my last post but I’ve been happily busy with other projects. I’m crossing my fingers for a fresh start for 2021 and even though it’s just a number on the calendar, it feels like a positive delineation from the dreadful 2020. Every cloud has a silver lining and to that end, I have much to be grateful for during 2020, with new clients and a new agent— which I am super excited about. September came and took off like a rocket with a story for Avenue magazine, shoots for Ines Di Santo, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, McLaughlin, and Bailey Hats, and more. I’ve collaborated with talented photographers and illustrators that I’ve not worked with before and had a blast. But here we are seemingly back to where we once were, with the uptick of covid and all that comes in these strange times—New York City to my eyes has more crime and some strange characters roaming around the streets. I saw a deranged man try to push 3 people on a subway platform—I called 911 and got the hell out of there. If I go out, I try to be back before sundown—totally weird time. Still can’t meet with any friends or family except for an outdoor lunch on my deck with some of my cousins on a frosty December day. Took me all night to defrost from the event, even though we had heaters and blankets!

So in the interest of shameless self-promotion and accessing where I’ve been and where I’m going—professionally that is, below are some images from the shoots I’ve worked on in 2020 (some actual imagery and some from my own camera). Cheers to a successful, happy, and most importantly, healthy 2021. Let’s get together and accept our differences.

Above: Photographs by Walter Chin for Ines Di Santo

Creative Director Deborah Moses

Stylist Mimi Lombardo

Behind the Scenes Ines Di Santo shoot

Below: My photos from Hat shoot with some handsome dudes
Selphy at “The Row” Showroom

Taking a break from shopping at Uniqulo

Shoot for J McLaughlin

The above photo by me but the photographer was the amazing Arnaldo Anaya @ Defacto agency

Fashion Illustrations by Megan Morrison from @travelwritedraw

I collaborated with Megan to create these delightful illustrations for Avenue magazine’s holiday issue.


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