No Social Distancing at Louis Vuitton Men’s Show in Shanghai

The takeaway from Louis Vuitton’s men’s show, which happened in Shanghai on Aug 5, 2020, is that this pandemic may have an actual end. From my limited laptop vantage point, the audience seems unconcerned about any COVID contagion. The locally based audience sat in cramped rows without masks on a dock in Shanghai which was decked out with LV fantasy characters. The extravaganza had everything from floating globe balloons, whimsical frogs, and teddy bears attached to model’s blazers, cloud-ushers, and Lauren Hill music video streaming inside a shipping container. The clothes ran the gamet from classic suiting to cloud-printed looks to a more directional and less commercial grouping towards the end of the show. The press material touts Upcycling and reusing of classic styles which make good sense and should be applauded.

The show was upbeat and hopeful in the sense that this pandemic may have a real end. If Shanghai is unmasked and sitting toe to toe there is hope for the rest of the world.

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Former fashion editor and writer with 20 years at widely recognized magazines. Currently I am self employed, styling, producing and writing for a variety of luxury and global brands achieving engaging solutions to content.
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