Postpartum Swimsuits According to Style Pros

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It’s been a while since I thought about my post-partum body but when Harper’s Bazaar asks, you go ahead and think back  18 years to when I had my son. Summers in Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nag’s Head NC—memories that all came rushing back. Below is my portion of the story below. Link to full story Harper’s Bazaar

A big thanks to Barry Samaha for including me in this group of chic moms.

The Best Postpartum Swimsuits According to Style Pros

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I’ve never been a swimsuit type of girl. I love fashion, and I’ve always been quite thin, but the kind of thin that looks good fully clothed—not in a bikini. I’m not very well endowed, and, secretly, I never minded because I looked pretty okay in tops and dresses. Swimsuits were another thing, and I steered clear from them. With swimwear, you need to have legs for days, wide swimmer shoulders, ample breasts, and a short-ish torso. I had the opposite of each of those qualifiers, so I didn’t participate in, say, a beach beauty contest.

So when I got pregnant—after several ectopic pregnancies and five IVF attempts—and then had my blonde-haired baby 18 years ago, I was not too worried about my postpartum body. When you come that close to that enormous failure, the consequence of getting pregnant and fat was a celebration. After so much failure, I didn’t have an ounce of ambivalence about being pregnant. After giving birth, I had no doubt that I would lose weight since I’ve always been slim, and, in reality, I was very focused on my baby. Getting back into a swimsuit was nonnegotiable, because water plus sand equals happiness for me and my family.

Looking back at the few photos I have of my postpartum beach self, I don’t know why I was bent on hiding and covering up. My body seemed to have bounced back quickly to the shape I always had—better in a dress than a swimsuit, but that’s just me.

Post-pregnancy, I went full-on black one-piece, thinking that black was obviously slimming. At that time, cool swimsuit options were limited, but now brands like Hermoza address pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies without having you look like a dork mom.

Its suits have the interior structure to hold it together, but the shapes and silhouettes are simple yet chic. The colors are sophisticated and more like my everyday palette. The olive-green maillot with hot-pink straps is a fave.

Sophia One-piece swimsuit in ARmy green and fuchsia. $120

Buy the Hermoza Swimsuit here

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