Gifts for Quarantined Mamas

It’s certainly going to be a memorable Mother’s Day for most this year but being hunkered down in quarantine doesn’t mean a day absent of gifts. Significant gifts don’t have to cost much to make an impact. It can be as simple as making someone laugh—that’s my favorite, on the receiving end. I love JibJab for the best digital chuckles. You personalize these e-cards with the faces from your photos which are put to music, with lots of options for the vibe you are going for. It’s kind of basic and low tech but that’s the fun of it.

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Jibjab site access

Vuitton has an In-box digital treat for investment conscious moms—I mean the resale price of a Vuitton bag is pretty high and the products never die so that’s a sustainable purchase in my book. This is absolutely FREE for Mother’s Day. If you go on their site you can make a digital card with different icons and stickers, writing your own cheeky message to Mom or sister or sister-friend. Send out as many cards as you want for free! #welvmoms

Should you want to buy something sweet and small, their fragrance Rose des Vents is des-vine.

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Vuitton’s site access here

Here’s something I would like—hint— hint to my family if they are reading. Asha by Ashley Dodgen McCormack-jewelry has Mother-of-pearl charms with engraved words Mama, or Love YouScreen Shot 2020-05-04 at 4.51.08 PM. Sad to say that Mama is sold out right now but Love You is not. They are great to add to charm collections at a reasonable price of $150 less 25% off right now. I love her fresh approach to affordable vermeil jewelry—that’s 14k gold placed over another metal.

See Asha’s jewelry here


Do you know a DIY Mama? That includes many of us since this pandemic hit. We are all learning to slow down and get in touch with our DIY side. “We Are Knitters” gives you everything needed to make a final project including, jumbo wooden needles, chunky wool, and instructions and more. The Nick Blanket is a great beginner project so get your favorite lady started with this kit. $98

We are knitters

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Feet can be ugly, as evidenced in the TLC show ” My Feet Are Killing Me” where podiatrists try to make right some nasty foot-wrongs. It goes to show how important foot comfort is and how bad feet can get if they are not treated well. Women’s love of shoes is no secret but Mom likes her feet to also, be comfy. With a gift card from the British brand, Sole Bliss Mom can walk the distance and look pretty chic.  The shoes boast a wider toe box, 3 layers of memory foam cushioning,  a stretch panel to help with bunions, and anti-pronation padding. Phew! That’s a lot of comfort in one shoe. I can attest, you can pound the pavement in these.

Check out Sole Bliss here 

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The beauty brand Ilia believes skin should look like skin and radiance should come naturally, and I have to concur. Ilia’s all-natural cosmetics are the antidote to what I call the Instagram look; overly accentuated eyebrows, thick concealers layered under thicker foundations—eek! I love this brand and they have a special “Made for Mama”  kit for mother’s day. $48

Check Ilia out here 


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