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As the realization that the pandemic’s end is going to be gradual drip instead of a grand finale, we should prepare for its lasting effects on the way we live. No doubt what we wear and how we consume fashion will change. Working from home may become a continuing realness for many of us as brands discover it’s more profitable to see employees on their screens and not in the flesh. Obviously, the need for traditional work gear, which for many of us dwindled to a well-fitted blazer, jeans and designer sneaker in recent years, has crawled to a halt. Are velour leisure sets really the next step in fashion finery?  Hopefully not. Fashion’s future is not going to disappear because its followers are an impassioned bunch but the pandemic reflection will cause a structural rethinking. It’s no secret that designers and brands are questioning the continual churning out of collections and the effects on the environment, budgets, and creatives. This may be a watershed moment where wasteful consumerism is no longer acceptable on any level.  


See Royl’s collection here

Brands that have already addressed rampant consumerism, have a head start.  Luxury loungewear brand, Royl, ticks boxes for both top-of-mind issues—working from home and mindfulness in fashion. Rachel Rodin, a former personal stylist, founded Royl in 2018, for the leisure moments in a woman’s life where she would normally grab the sweats. She began designing one or two pieces for her clients that she couldn’t find anywhere and it grew into a full-fledged brand. Ms. Rodin believes in mindful consumerism and sustainability and imparts that idea in every aspect of the business from producing the collection in the NYC garment district to shipping with the minimum of tissue paper. But at its essence, these luxurious basics are meant for heading out to the supermarket, an overnight flight, lounging on your couch—and yes working from home. Each grouping encapsulates a singular tone; black, navy or grey which she calls, jet, midnight or phantom. The pieces are distilled down into luxurious layering essentials—elevated foundations to a wardrobe. A buttery soft cashmere-blend t-shirt, elongated leggings or double-faced liquid silk caftan are a few of Royl’s offerings. It’s the kind of easy pieces that you want to live in—perfect for the off-duty moments which are now becoming those everything moments. Timeless investments in your wardrobe and the earth’s future.


Ms. Rodin just announced that that Royl will donated 20% of every purchase to Meals on Wheels America

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