What Megan Markle Did for Love

Every little girl dreams of being a princess but it’s a rare lady that actually becomes one. This is the case with the American biracial actress, Meghan Markle who will walk down the aisle on May 19th as the world watches with rapt attention. She and Prince Harry will say their vows in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, a smaller venue than where his mother Princess Diana and father, Prince Charles captivated the world 30 years ago. Their wedding took place at Westminster Abbey with wide-eyed Diana looking like a transformed Cinderella. Although Meghan and Harry’s wedding will reflect their personalities it will be no less of a fairy tale because at its heart, it is a love story of a British Prince and a girl from California.  

If you live in the universe you’ve no doubt seen photos of Meghan and Harry since the engagement announcement. And if you’re like me you try to get a read on them from the photos. It’s pretty obvious that they are swooning with love for each other in all the images.  Another telling sign is Meghan’s efforts at taking on royal customs and traditions. I’ve noticed that her fashion choices are more conservative and in-line with her upcoming position as a Princess. For one thing she’s wearing more structured hats which is a world apart from the easy breezy California dressed down vibe that she is used to. Becoming a royal requires a level of etiquette and tradition that Meghan may not be accustomed to but every sign points to her stepping up to the task. That includes but is not limited to taking down her social media accounts, giving up her acting career for the time being, and being baptised into the Church of England.This lady is not playing—she’s in it for the long haul.

Beyond those monumental changes, Meghan must stick to fashion rules set by the Queen herself. Outward appearances are essential in conveying a certain level of decorum as evidenced with the Queen’s colorful and well put-together fashion choices. At 91 years old she dresses impeccably always with a matching hat and elegant handbag. Meghan has echoed this look in her own way with her camel Mackage wrap coat and chocolate beret— oh so British. Another rule is that pantyhose are required at official appearances. Meghan already missed the mark on this when she arrived for her formal engagement photos without any.”Off with her head!” She saved herself and wore the sheer sausage casing at subsequent events. Another fashion faux pas is wearing nail polish that is other than a neutral shade. This one Meghan ace-ed when she showed off her engagement ring with a pale natural nail shade.

There is no intel on the designer that Meghan has chosen to create her bridal gown.  The world is dying to know but it’s a waiting game now but not a long one. All will be revealed on May 19— set your alarms for 5am! 

The Bridal Council asked some of the hottest bridal designers what they would create for Ms Markle . They each dreamed up some beauties in sketches which are seen at the link below.



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  1. HarperRoss says:

    Think Meghan, Duchess of Sussex will have a Boy

  2. HarperRoss says:

    I Think Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is Modern Day Wallis Simpson

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