Uniqlo Brings Fashion Innovator JW Anderson into the Fold

courtesy of Uniqlo

“People need a real reason to buy clothing”, said a Uniqlo spokesperson at the fall/winter press announcement event. In a world where our closets look like boutiques stockpiled with every clothing category—there is nothing truer. A good reason to eek out some space in the drawer may be fashion innovator, JW Anderson who is now collaborating with the Japanese mass retailer known for the ubiquitous down jacket. Collaborations in fashion are as common as bread and butter and announcements like this seem like a marketing ploy to drum up short term business. But Uniqlo doesn’t partner indiscriminately. Case in point their relationship with model Ines DeLa Fressange, whose navy blue Frenchie separates are a hit with women for several years.


Uniqulo’s uniform approach to dressing attracts a steady flow of customers, whether for their feather light $69 portable down jackets, or “heat tec” underwear which sells out frequently during a particularly cold New York winters. The latest marriage will hopefully bring a bit of an edge to the simplified basics. “When I think of things that are perfectly made, that people have spent a lot of time considering: it’s a difficult  job, and I think Uniqlo does it very well. Working with Uniqlo is probably the most incredible template of democracy in fashion and it’s nice that my designs can be accessible to anyone on all different levels,” said Anderson in a short film clip screened at the gathering  attended by journalists and influencers. Not a bad idea from the slow retailer with favorites like a ribbed  cotton mock neck for $10, pencil jeans for $39. Even more interesting if Anderson will  bring a bit more urban edge to the affordable Uniqulo fold—from the looks seen at the gathering, it's a done deal.   


About Mimi Lombardo

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