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IMG_1296 When my husband insisted on a Bluestar “cook’s” range that I’ve now named “the dragon” because of the many burns received while putting food in its mouth, I could not convince him otherwise. His point was that it would be the centerpiece of the kitchen and increase the value of our house not to mention it may help in becoming more chef than home cook. I thought that spending $8,000 on an oven range was basically insane. But I was clearly wrong. Seems oodles of people spend 5 or more times that figure and need their appliances to also look the part too.

Tonight I was thrown off my pirch thinking we had a top of the line range in our humble Brooklyn home. I had no idea that ovens could rise to $50,000. But that is just what one will find at PIRCH, a new concept in luxury appliance showroom which debuted tonight in Soho. It’s sprawling élite space carries brand names like Viking, Thermidor, Bosch and more. But that’s not all. To make your decision process immersive, you can arrange to actually test out the items before purchase. As in—- taking a shower or cooking a meal on one of the fancy machines. So buyers won’t have to endure the pains that I have had to with my fire-breathing dragon which now turns every single cake that has gone into its orifice into a charcoal blackness.


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