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There is a reason Hermes, the French purveyor of beautiful things and the gold standard for luxury goods remains on top of the luxury heap. They are at the pinnacle  in terms of profits, desirability and awesome products because they set themselves apart. They are the leaders—while the fashion bandwagon is standing on their head to get a sliver of attention from millennials, Hermes is content to surround themselves with the smart and accomplished  who are also the persona of their customer.

The brand’s instagram feed is experimental and whimsical and appeals to the artful and intelligent who also has the means to invest in their slow brand of products. Slow to produce; time is a commodity that is needed to wait on lists to acquire a Birkin or a finely crafted settee. One such insta-post shows handsome male models at the beach around a cubist sandcastle. Promoting the clothing seems secondary to the scene which is captioned “be the king of the castle—time to take the throne.#Hermesmanifest.” Or another post shows a model swinging too and fro with feet teasing boots and shoes. In a smoky mirrored room the video titled,”The Swing” plays. The brand is not immune to hashtags and promoting products but somehow you don’t ever feel a blatant marketing ploy.

I was invited to the ” HermesHereElsewhere” installation which was a night to show off their latest home and furniture goodies, and there was no question I would attend. At Cedar Lake event space in Chelsea the artist, Robert Wilson, set up a surrealist circus for the night. There were taxidermy parrots sitting on the shoulders of men who sat at a jewelry cabinet, so elaborate and refined, the imagined purchaser can only be a middle eastern queen. Past the flying sofa with a lady reclining on the ground grasping for feathers, another room revealed wall to wall video screens. Smack dab in the middle was a undulating dancer on a platform in this completely circular massive space.

My favorite part of these events is the well-heeled ladies and gentlemen who attend. I’m never sure of who they are—many have come from the mother ship in Paris. But they are quiet, sophisticated and exude a self assurance that I don’t see very much press events where the object is to flank the room with celebrities in skimpy clothing. The room is quiet and respectful and you feel something important is happening. I do note Robert Chavez, CEO for the Americas and Alexi Dumas, the Creative Director and part of the dynasty in attendance but the un-trendiness seems completely on trend. I always feel at home and completely grateful to have seen the show.

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  1. thejewelvox says:

    I took my son to the Hermes store here in Atlanta when he was sixteen. It was an object lesson by immersion. I wanted him to fully understand the concept that I as apparently not communicating.
    At seventeen he became a customer with his first belt, cologne and gifts for his sister. I’d say he learned his lesson.

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