Gucci Appoints Alessandro Michele as Creative Director

Gucci Appoints Alessandro Michele as Creative Director
Alessandro Michele Gucci's new hire 2015
Alessandro Michele Gucci’s new hire 2015

Alessandro Michele, part of the existing design team, is named Creative Director of the Italian legacy brand, Gucci. His appointment follows Frida Gianini who left the house abruptly just 2 weeks ago after the announcement that she would no longer hold the reigns. Ms Gianini, also an insider when she was given the job, was part of the Tom Ford dream-team which successfully brought Gucci to the forefront of fashion during the mid-90’s and straight into the new millennium . There was speculation that Mr. Ford was a front-runner for the current position but this did not come to fruition.

Gucci’s profits have been under scrutiny of late and its been reported that the successful formula of the past is not relevant in 2015. Changes in consumer tastes for handbags and leather goods went from a binged-out logo emblazened look to a simpler, sleek bag with small or no logos. Gucci’s DNA is in leather goods; its the bread and butter for the brand, so its no surprise that Mr. Michele’s focus and experience designing accessories may have sweetened the deal for his hire. He was the former accessory designer at Fendi where he and Ms Gianini worked prior to Gucci.

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