Rising Star Nominee and Luxury Handbag Designer Jill Haber

Jill Haber Rising Star Nominee

Jill Haber Rising Star Nominee
With less than 2 years out of the gate, Jill Haber is a nominee for a rising star award from the Fashion Group International but she takes in all in stride. She prefers to keep her eye on creating glamorous accessories for busy women. “Women rely on a uniform for their daily clothing, and accessories can elevate the look and give it personality” she says.With exotic skins of crocodile, snakeskin and ostrich, and a modern vintage design, she has made serious headway with retailers for an independent brand. Her bags sit in to shops throughout the US as well as e-commerce, but she is well aware of her position as David among the Goliaths. Mammoths like Saint Laurent, Gucci, Vuitton and Prada all have evening bags as part of their product mix so she sets hers apart by addling unique details.
For bags made of rarified skins, they are priced reasonably.  Ms. Haber wants women to wear her bags as her tag line suggests, “Life’s short wear your bags”. With the initial idea of a chic evening bag with room for a cell phone, the collection now encompasses backpacks, satchels and messenger bags all in exotic skins with touches of wood and Lucite.
Although a determined designer and sharp businesswomen with an early career in publishing and advertising, her family including 2 teenage children, are her priority. Because she is a hand’s on designer, she prefers to assemble and manufacture the bags in NYC. Not only does it allow her to oversee the entire process and work out any function and style issues, but her family life doesn’t suffer.
We met at the Wayfarer restaurant for a late breakfast at the corner of 6th Ave and 57th street, on the first frigid day of the season. She is chicly dressed in a coco brown Michael Kors short sleeve ribbed sweater, black slim pants and a unique lariat with sliced stones painted gold. I can’t keep my eyes off it. She is carrying a black crocodile satchel of her own design and her easy manner makes anyone feel comfortable. With sandy blond hair, beautiful skin and very little make up she’s that girl that everyone wants to hangout with. We talk family, travel, and restaurants and yes, fashion.
She loves to wear Valentino and Akris for their feminine feel and she loves Paul Andrew shoes. Nina Garcia, the fashion director from Marie Claire and Project Runway is someone she admires for her style and a happy exuberance.
This summer she traveled with her brother to Marrakesh and describes it as a “carnival of the senses’’ “Ornate shaped doors and archways in the Medina inspired new shapes for my next collection, “she says. “ A great necklace found there will be translated into a layering technique on the hardware of some bags, “ she reveals.
The future of Jill Haber will include a continuation of the elegant evening bags along with more focus on day bags. Other ideas she has for the brand she is keeping to herself but she does admit to working in leathers and some fun pieces to adorn other parts of the body.

Jill Haber Designs Jill Haber Designs


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