Cartier’s Panther Event- Pretty Purfect

Cartier Panther eventcartier panter eventcartier step and repeat

I was in a taxi heading way downtown to Washington Street for a Cartier Panther event. It was the same event space that Ralph Lauren holds their fashion shows for the past few years and its a desolate street. Finding a taxi home would be difficult  (note to self: turn off phone with low battery need to reach UBER).

I stroll past the oddly empty grey step and repeat to a black space  each room leading to the next. A circular bar in one led to a cabinet of curiosities room. In this room the the glass show-cases held an odd grouping of items; a taxidermy toucan, a tiny dinosaur skeleton, 3 colorful marble eggs, an African sculpture and an inlaid carved wood box with a panther. I must admit that although the room had a warm living room atmosphere it wasn’t odd enough to haunt or disturb, and I couldn’t find a connection to Cartier or the panther.

The next space displayed the jewelry with security men flanking the walls. There was an elaborately ornate watch, a circular pendant with a lounging feline and bracelet with the emerald-green eyes staring at you. The panther is Cartier’s team mascot of sorts and this was the sleek animal’s party after all.

The next room was a proper night club done with the utmost elegance.There were emerald-green velvet couches, mirrored cubic tables and palm frond wall paper. Masked men served small bites of steak tartare . I enjoyed the parade of chic dressed people and the music’s volume was at an ideal level for easy conversation. These are the small touches that distinguish a great brand like Cartier who doesn’t have to scream anything. It’s all about subtle good taste.

As I left I did notice Debra Harry who may have been waiting for her UBER ride.

Thank you Cartier for a fun night.

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