Travel and Leisure Fashion Shoot in Careyes Mexico With Anne Menke

On assignment for Travel+Leisure inspiring people to travel and look good doing it. I shot with the photographer, Anne Menke who is a unique talent in the fashion photography world. Anne, an ex-pat from Germany, lives in Mexico now and captures fashion on models without posing or looking unnatural.
After arriving in Purto Vallarta we drove 2.5 hours up a mountain road until we arrived in Careyas a Pacific coast haven with grand views and vividly painted buildings. The aura is 1980’s and you can still imagine the parties that went on there. It’s a place where the rich and famous go to hide and enjoy the landscapes and being away from it all. Discovered and founded by an Italian gentleman whom we met. His name is Gianfranco and he’s now in his late 80’s but that didn’t stop him from wearing a blue cotton ground grazing kaftan carrying a walking stick looking like the hippie he is. After Careyas we drove back towards Puerto Vallarta to a resort called Hotelito Desconiscito, an “Ecco” resort which apparently just means there is no electricity. I pulled my mosquito netting around my bed, turned the on the fan on read by flashlight at night which was about all I could do. It was OK, but I couldn’t stop worrying that snakes would slither in my bed from the swamp which was right outside my little deck. It was disconcerting but I made it through.

In the end, we accomplished what we came to do; Anne Menke’s images are striking and the experience with the crew was super fun. You can’t go too wrong with Mexico.


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