The Truth About My Hair

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I can talk about hair and hair products all day. I try anything to get my curly tresses looking good. Actually, I bet no one would think I spend so much time on my hair. It never looks that good– but still I keep up the fight against the frizz. I buy gels, conditioners, masks, silicone, curling irons, sprays and disfusers to name a few. I buy French-hair pins; to gently pull my hair away from my face. I squirrel hair-bands, bobby pins and clips in every pocket in my bag so I will never be without something for sudden humidity. I run to the bathroom in work and wet my hair to reactivate product and smooth out the curls. I often walk out of the ladies room with wet hair to strange looks . I go for blow drys and if the weather is nice and it lasts, I love my hair. But if there is the smallest hint of humidity in the air– it doesn’t get worse.

On a rainy day I wrap a long scarf around my head and then around the neck to keep the humidity at bay. I look like I am from another part of the world but I have no choice.

I have yet to win the war with my hair. I hate its messy look, making people think I am un-kept, unorganized, not together, not sleek , not chic! I am sure this is the reason I never worked for Vogue. Unruly heads of hair are unwanted in that office, Grace Cottington’s red mane not withstanding.

So I keep up the good fight every day. I try washing it in the morning or try washing it at night, more leave-in conditioner, less … twirl the hair when wet, scrunch with head upside down..leave in olive oil treatment, on and on and on.

Here are 3 pretty good hair fixes. Give them a try.

In between hair color appointments and have to go to Spain?    Root Touch Back will cover your roots to the desired shade and get you through until you return.

Out all day and want to look pulled together for dinner? Make your pony-tail be-jeweled with Black Ties hair bands.They double as a bracelet so wear them on your wrist all the time.

No time for hair washing, then use Batise dry shampoo. Takes away oils and refreshes hair on the go.

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