Parisian Shop At The Carlyle, New York City

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It is a time of “brands”. Before we make a  purchase we want to know the back story, the history, and if we approve, and it fits in with our own brand ethos, we may complete the transaction with a purchase. From light switches to food, to shoes, consumers need an emotional attachment to the items that make up their world.  Concurrently, there is  a return to craftsmanship, innovative handiwork and a wish for things that last.

The ancestors of the French glove maker, Perrin, decided to take their knowledge, factory and history, and evolve it  into a fine leather goods company. The days of women wearing leather gloves are relegated to cold weather, so why not? Their shop in the Carlyle features handbags with a nod to their glove-making history. The bags are cutting edge in design and in some cases use glove leather and finger detailing. The circular cage bag is really a design victory. Head’s will turn if you wear it for sure, but practical? No, the person willing to buy it is not stopped by conventional ideas of usefulness in a bag.

Perrin Paris, on Madison Ave at the Carlyle hotel NYC, for some old time French innovation.

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