If your dogs are barking, wear HUSH PUPPIES

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In 1958 Hush Puppies were born and became the groovy shoe for the beat generation. In the years since they moved to comfort shoe limbo.  The shoes had a mini resergance in the mid nineties when Anna Sui adorned her runway models in neon bright puppies.

In the spirit of the what is old is new again, they were due for a revival as all good brands  who are over a certain age.  As you can guess, they “went to their archives” to research designs from their former years of  glory and came up with the current collection. Have you heard this before? A good marketing tool I suppose.

Besides the vintage looking styles, the Sui partnership renewed for Spring with platforms and spectator Oxfords with black patent trim and more. They are very light in weight because of  traditional crepe soles and the styles and colors are updated. I like the brown Oxford because I can’t buy enough Oxfords and these seem Dorky-chic but also so comfortable.

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