Chanel’s Booties

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Although Chanel’s spring show at the Grand Palais in Paris was set  against a stage of underwater creatures, the shoes were anything but sea-worthy. The footwear added a contrary juxtaposition to the knee-length skirts, dresses and suits. It would be  easy to match an insanely wacky shoe with towering heel that we are so accustomed to seeing; calculated and boring. Karl wants us to connect the dots and draw our own conclusions as all good art does.

The ankle bootie’s sharp graphic lines give the clothing a rockabilly edge. Both heels  have a circularly carved low heel. Is it a sea urchin or not?  In both cases heel heights are close to the ground. Get used to the new proportion eyes!

Karl Lagerfeld’s sense of humor and  creative spirit keeps the brand at the height of desirability for women. A Bloomingdale’s employee once told me that they can’t keep Chanel handbags in the store!  Karl keep us guessing. We can’t get enough of those $3,000 bags!

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